Women's Snow Booties Lace Up Ankle High Fringe Collar Duck Padded Mud Rubber Rain boots Tan SV

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Exciting things you should know:
  • STAY WARM IN THE WINTER Like your favorite snow boots, these duck boots are lined with faux fur

  • A FLIRTY FINISHING TOUCH These duck boots have a classic look but with one unique feature -- faux suede fringe with metal studded rungs along the collar!

  • A FUN TWIST ON A CLASSIC BOOT The DailyShoes Donald 03 Fringe Duck Boots are made just like classic duck rainboots with their rubberized soles and water resistant craftsmanship, yet they have a unique feature! We've made these shoes into fringe boots by adding faux suede along the collars. Each piece of fringe features two golden metal studs to put the perfect finishing touch on these ultra stylish, flirty duck boots.

  • STAY WARM AND PERFECTLY DRY-Even though the DailyShoes Donald 03 Fringe Duck Boots are fringe boots, they still offer all of the protection you'd expect from well-made duck boots. You can wear them as rainboots and keep your feet dry when you're walking through puddles. The shoes also make great snow boots due to their warm, cozy faux fur lining. When it's slippery outside, you won't have to worry, as the warm fur boots have no-slip rubberized soles that will help you keep your footing.

  • NON-SLIP SOLES Fringes boots feature specially designed rubber treads to help you keep a stable footing. éˆ?A PERFECT FIT Two-toned laces allow you to pull the duck boots as tightly as you wish

Love the protection that duck boots provide but wish they were just a little cuter?
The DailyShoes Donald 03 Fringe Duck Boots are just what you're looking for!
You've never seen duck boots quite like these before.

Everything from the two-tone laces that run up the front to the soles on the bottoms of the DailyShoes Donald 03 Fringe Duck Boots is made with quality in mind.
These duck boots for women truly rival the quality of rainboots and snow boots that cost hundreds of dollars, but they're available for a small fraction of that designer price.
Don't settle for just any old duck boots! Choose the cutest rainboots and snow boots on Amazon!
Pick the black or brown duck warm fur boots and order the DailyShoes Donald 03 Fringe Duck Boots now!