Women's Snow Booties Lace Up Ankle High Duck Padded Mud Rubber Waterproof Rain boots Tan Red

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Exciting things you should know:
  • A CHIC TWIST ON A CLASSIC STYLE Traditional duck boot gets a fashionable new look with a quilted top. 鈥⑩â‚?NONSLIP SOLES High traction rubber soles keep you from slipping.

  • You can't just stay indoors because of a little bad weather, but you don't want your feet to end up wet and dirty before you reach your destination either. That's why you can't afford to be without the DailyShoes Women's Quilted Duck Booties, a chic pair of ankle boots that is ready for the worst of weather.

  • JUST DUCKY éˆ?éˆ?The DailyShoes Women's Quilted Duck Booties are inspired by traditional duck boots, but with a brand new design that is far more fashionable. These ankle booties are 6 inches tall to give you protection with a more modern look than the classic bulky mid-calf style. Quilted detailing along the top adds feminine flair to the traditional footwear, and we offer the boots in five stylish color combinations to complement your ensembles.

  • FULLY WEATHERPROOF PROTECTION Whatever the weather is like, the DailyShoes Women's Quilted Duck Booties are ready to go! The boots are 100 percent waterproof to keep out the rain, and their nonslip rubber soles make them perfect for trudging through snow and walking over ice. You can even walk through mud without worry when you're wearing these ankle booties!

  • READY FOR THE WORST OF WEATHER These 100% waterproof boots are perfect for rain, snow and even trekking through the mud éˆ?éˆ?THE PERFECT HEIGHT 6" tall ankle booties fully cover your feet and are great to wear with everything 鈥⑩€⑩â‚?A COMFORTABLE FIT 11" opening circumference and adjustable laces make these boots a pleasure to wear.

With their 11-inch opening circumference and lace-up design, the DailyShoes Women's Quilted Duck Booties are comfortable and a great fit for nearly all women.
Although our boots cost a fraction of what you'll pay for other designer women's boots, our rain boots and snow boots are every bit as durable because we use only the finest of materials to construct them.

Keep your feet as dry as can be no matter what Mother Nature dishes out!
Order the DailyShoes Women's Quilted Duck Booties now.