Unex Strappy Printed Faux Leather Flat Platform Sandal with Adjustable Strap Black Pu

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Exciting things you should know:
  • FUN TWIST ON A CLASSIC Traditional Oxford look gets a makeover with a 2.5-inch wedge heel and a 3.65" shaft

  • PREMIUM MATERIALS Made from vegan leather & finished with terrain approved grip rubber soles

  • LACE UP IN STYLE Outfitted with 41-inch waxed shoelaces

  • COMFORT ASSURED Cushioned insoles, 7-inch ankle opening and adjustable lace-up uppers make these shoes a pleasure to wear.

  • A RAINBOW OF OPTIONS Choose from Beige Tan, Red, White, Camo, Green, Blue, Purple, Black, Brown

Doesn't it seem like boots are either made for fashion or for function? If they're cute, you can't wear them for anything but walking up and down the street. If they're rugged and durable, they look clunky and feel uncomfortable. It may seem like you have to choose between practical and pretty when you're shopping for booties, but with the DailyShoes Women's Lace Up Oxford Wedge Booties you don't!


The DailyShoes Women's Lace Up Oxford Wedge Booties have a super cute design inspired by the classic Oxford shoe look that's popular for gents. The boots lace up the front with 41-inch premium waxed laces and have contrast stitching along the soles just like the boots for the guys do; however, they're 2.5-inch wedge heels make these booties just for the girls and give them a cute silhouette that you're sure to love.


While the DailyShoes Women's Lace Up Oxford Wedge Booties will have you the envy of all the girls when you show off your street style, you can also lace up these boots before you brave the great outdoors. The cushioned insoles will keep your feet feeling comfy mile after mile, and their terrain approved grip rubber soles will keep you safe even on unstable ground. Plus, their vegan leather construction lets them stand up to tough conditions without getting ruined the way that genuine leather booties can. From their gorgeous vegan leather to their unique stylish rubber treads, every inch of these boots is made to last and look great.

Bring a bit of menswear inspired flair to your wardrobe with the DailyShoes Women's Lace Up Oxford Wedge Booties! These chic shoes come in Beige Tan, Red, White, Camouflage, Green, Blue, Purple, Black, Brown, so click on your favorite color and add a pair to your cart! Or get 2 or 3! At this price, you almost can't afford not to -- Order now!